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If you were going to Oz would you have worn the Ruby Red Slippers, or…?


Dorothy wore one pair of red shoes for her entire journey over the rainbow to Oz… I can’t believe she only took one pair of shoes. When I travel I pack far too many shoes, and they’re all in only one colour: black.

There’s a rainbow of shoe colours & styles out there both for footwear and life-wear. What colour shoes do you wear? Does it say something about you?

I’m always surprised at my choice because as a kid my favourite shoes were bright orange sandals with big flower decorations.  I hated the black leather lace-up school shoes that were mandatory, and always looked for a way to flout the rules.

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“I’ve always taken ‘The Wizard of Oz’ very seriously, you know. I believe in the idea of the rainbow. And I’ve spent my entire life trying to get over it.”  Judy Garland


“When in doubt wear red.” –Bill Blass

The G.O. does love a motorcycle, and has a thing for sidecars so these oldies displayed in the front of Doust & Fitzgerald Ford Dealership, 14 Cudgery Street, Dorrigo, NSW,  Australia got his attention & a spot on The Men’s Shed page.

“When in doubt wear red.”

rat trike


The things you see when your missus bribes you with a coffee stop for a luscious milky cappucino at your old friend Bobby’s Cafe on the way to do the grocery shopping… Given the location at downtown Darlington (close to Sydney University, NSW Australia). I’m thinking this rat trike was a summer break project born of too much time & too many beers: an old kid’s trike body duct-taped to an engine & battery pack, supplemented with go-cart wheels packed into PVC pipe for better drifting, which after he cruised up the footpath into Bobby’s for a coffee, is exactly what the owner did – drifted & slid with quite an air of expertise long born of practice, all the way down the Ivy Street hill and motored back up again for more.

the men’s shed

The Men’s Shed posts are photos taken by the Gorgeous One. This is a photo of his current shed tucked up under our old house. One of the G.O.’s aims is to supplement it with a bigger stand-alone shed & carport in the backyard. His workshop-shed is an eclectic mix of old, new, useful, just-in-case and just-because… a bit like the Men’s Shed posts. 

Waratah Motor Spirit