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live in a world with a concrete sky


This street art appeared in our old neighbourhood after we moved. The street it’s on, Lawson St, Redfern (Sydney, NSW, Australia), is a main throughfare to and from Sydney University and Redfern train station. The juxtaposition of parking the colourful striped old Holden ute beneath it just adds to its character.


back to the future


This street art waits for me every week day morning just before I turn into St Peters train station (Sydney, NSW, Australia). Lately, I’ve realised why I have a particular affection for it: it takes me back to my 1980’s teenage days where cars were mobile street art, hot & loud and decorated with airbrushed fantastical scenes. The street art in this photo would’ve looked awesome adorning the back of a Holden panel van, aka a shaggin’ wagon.

there’s gold in them there hills


After Australia Day, we gave ourselves a long weekend and took a roadtrip to central western NSW. Our first stop after we got over the Blue Mountains was the historic gold mining town of Sofala, NSW Australia. A walk down the main street led us to a fine piece of Australiana street art.

where’s the birdy?


Last year, we moved somewhat reluctantly a short distance to a new neighbourhood. We spent the first few months walking around with our eyes closed obviously, as earlier this year we spotted this iconic piece of historic street art on a building we walked past a gazillion times on the way to Erskineville train station (Sydney, NSW, Australia).

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”


(quote by Seo Min Hyun)

I’ve been making plans for later in life. So many things to do & places to see. I’ll need lots of shoes I think, but my favourite boots will be with me still.

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you never forget your first love


Most men are sentimental about their first car. The G.O. remembers his with fondness tinged with childhood trauma of tragic & violent loss. His pedal car, the same as the one in this photo taken on Australia Day at the NRMA Motorfest® of vintage, veteran & classic vehicles, and it’s memories: good – rattling along the farm track, and bad: it’s demise under the wheels of the milk lorry, brought both a smile to his dial and a tear to his eye.