Ahoy me hearties, arr…

Street art, Rochford Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW AustraliaAvast Ye!
Hoist the main sails.
Shiver me timbers,
I has me a new first mate.
Splice the mainbrace.
Heave ho and set sail.
Godspeed the jollyboat elladee
and all who sail with her.
Street art, King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW AustraliaTranslation: I acquired a new smart phone-blogging companion on the weekend, and celebrated by snapping a couple of recent items of Newtown street art.

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After a decade of living in tiny apartments in the inner-city of Sydney, Australia with my husband referred to in my posts as the Gorgeous One (G.O.) while I worked in corporate-legal and the G.O. in civil earthworks we relocated 500 kilometres north in December 2015 to our home in the Nambucca Valley to follow our dream of living simply and creatively. We travelled around Australia in 2016. Now we work on our 1930’s house, have a vegetable garden and a dog plus share a flock of backyard chickens with our neighbour. These days I’m a horticulture student, something I dreamed of doing for many years. From time to time I write about day-to-day life, past & present, people & places, and take snapshots with my smart phone. Copyright 2011-2017. All content of http://daleleelife101.blog, https://elladeewords.wordpress.com/, https://elladeeimages.wordpress.com/ & https://elladeeplaces.wordpress.com/ is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of the owner who can be contacted via email dln011 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au.

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    • Thank you 🙂 We went with the Telstra 4G EasyTouch which is a Telstra branded ZTE T82 (Chinese) Android phone because it is the only option with an external aerial that fits a patch lead to the antenna at our house in the country, in the hope we will [finally] have mobile phone coverage there… so far ok in the city 🙂

      • We’ll see… the aerial didn’t assist much in the way of internet coverage via the wireless broadband modem. It’s possible internet coverage via the smart phone will be better but at worst we’re just hoping for mobile phone reception 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 The Telstra EasyTouch 4G (ZTE T82) got bad camera image quality reviews but I’d say it was on par with my old Samsung Galaxy. I enjoy many things about living in the Newtown neighbourhood but the street art adds so much value, it’s like walking around a gallery, from the big pieces like the pirates (near Zagari’s) to the small quirky paste ups 🙂

  1. Your street art is much more elegant than ours…hard to find cool walls for it around here ( and I don’t count the quick tagging along the highway.)
    Yea for new phone – now you just have to bother with learning all it’s stuff ( the major hesitancy to change). Signal has to determine which one to get here, too – Odd. We are “ideally located” among towers – but they all must be facing the other directions.

    • Thank you. Some of our street art isn’t quite so elegant, and unfortunately there is some tagging, and also graffiti. But, yes, the Inner City/Inner West has become quite a street gallery.
      The new phone is user friendly, and more so as I’ve had similar. All is changed over but still waiting for outcome of recovery of images off old phone. Signal is good in city but we’ll see how it goes at Taylors Arm over Easter, which was the point of getting that particular phone.

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