Old & new in Newtown III – the abbey


Life is pretty dull quiet at Chez EllaDee & the G.O. but luckily what we lack the neighbourhood provides, just a short walk away.

King Street, Newtown (Inner West, Sydney) 2 blocks from our apartment offers all varieties of cafes and restaurants, shops, markets, stalls and businesses for browsing, or actual business.

On Sunday we had business to attend to. Our first item was brunch because the sun was well over the yard arm. We tried a cafe new to us, Funky Monkey and gave it a we’ll be back thumbs up for a simple delicious brunch of fresh juice – orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon, carrot & celery; vege breakfast of baked beans, hashbrown, fantastic hotplate mushies, fresh lightly fried eggs and just the right size piece of turkish toast with spread; and bacon, egg & bbq sauce on the softest bread roll with sesame seeds & a hashbrown made a happy G.O. 🙂

Our other items of business were birthday gifts for a 5 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.

For the 5 year old we had success at Flying Penguin with an Edtoys Transformobile Bulldozer and Forklift, and a magic kaleidoscope for his older brother.

From Eastern Flair, a rose quartz orb with a pewter butterfly base for the crystal loving 10 year old.

On the way home we crossed Goddard St, and noticed The Abbey (accommodating backpackers, not nuns and monks unless they are also backpackers) wall wearing new street art by Bafcat and Ears.  In January 2012 when blogging was new to me, I snapped a couple of pics of the The Abbey’s street art gallery, and mustn’t have been excited by it as I didn’t post the pics, or maybe I was busy…

The first 2 pics are from 2012 and the rest from last Sunday.


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After a decade of living in tiny apartments in the inner-city of Sydney, Australia with my husband referred to in my posts as the Gorgeous One (G.O.) while I worked in corporate-legal and the G.O. in civil earthworks we relocated 500 kilometres north in December 2015 to our home in the Nambucca Valley to follow our dream of living simply and creatively. We travelled around Australia in 2016. Now we work on our 1930’s house, have a vegetable garden and a dog plus share a flock of backyard chickens with our neighbour. These days I’m a horticulture student, something I dreamed of doing for many years. From time to time I write about day-to-day life, past & present, people & places, and take snapshots with my smart phone. Copyright 2011-2017. All content of http://daleleelife101.blog, https://elladeewords.wordpress.com/, https://elladeeimages.wordpress.com/ & https://elladeeplaces.wordpress.com/ is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of the owner who can be contacted via email dln011 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au.

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    • There’s still bit of grubbiness but it’s mostly fashionably grungy, and in some parts a bit too trendy but it’s a good mix. You never know, you may get to wander King Street once again 🙂

  1. Those are quite comical, they certainly look like they ‘d raise a smile.
    My four year old grandson loves transformers, I’ve sat befuddled trying to transform them, whereas he can do them in minutes 🙂

    • Yes, a bit comical and whimsical…the orange beaked top hat on the corner is what caught my eye and I followed the trail up the laneway.
      I’ve never tried transformers but I like toys the kids can pull apart to create something else. We gave the kids similar cars a while ago which they enjoyed, so I went with what works 🙂

    • A brave comment… Melbourne would like to think it holds that claim “Melbourne is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations throughout the city. Street art includes stencils, paste-ups and murals and does not include graffiti or tagging which is illegal.” http://www.thatsmelbourne.com.au/PLACESTOGO/PUBLICART/Pages/StreetArt.aspx … oh so politically correct 😉
      I follow a couple of street art bloggers, Street Inspired from Toronto Canada who posts good stuff, but my favourite is Postcard Cafe who posts Sheffield street art which is the best I think 😉

      • I think the difference between street art and graffiti is interesting. Mostly in Spain it is graffiti, although sometimes borderline. I did like the Melbourne definition actually.

        We had a wonderful little Buddha painted up the back street from us in a small pedestrian tunnel under one of the old bridges, and I never took a pic, just enjoyed seeing it. And one day, the council repainted! I was gutted. I was hoping it would come back but it hasn’t done so far 😦

        I remember looking at the Sheffield one. Has to be good if it’s from Yorkshire (she says with a huge amount of bias there).

  2. I didn’t see anything like this when I was in Newtown. Pity for I would really enjoy strolling about a gallery like this one, EllaDee. A couple of the pieces have really caught my eye and I wonder what else the artist has done. I hope he’s found a gallery to show his work — if that’s the direction in which he wants to go. Thanks for sharing a bit of Sydney few of us will ever see.

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