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Old & new in Newtown III – new kids on the block

Is this a spray can turf war? Are the Inner West street artists using selfies to mark out territory?
Overnight* the buxom young lass on the corner of Bray & Concord Streets who replaced an alien being, changed to a young man.
The new bloke

The new bloke

Earlier this year this portrait replaced the alien wookie-like creature and our bit of Banksy in the Charles Street park. I saw the guy painting it but it took me a couple of weeks to get around to snapping it and even then I didn’t post it because I thought it was a bit ho hum…
Portrait of the artist?

Portrait of the artist?

“Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
Henry Ward Beecher
*The G.O. swears at 5.30am the buxom young lass was in situ. I snapped the new bloke at 8.16am.

sweet retreat


Spider Alert! Arachnophobes before you look too closely at the photos, the mosaic below includes a pic of our kitchen spider… it’s lovely – doesn’t jump, bite or wander about at night – just keeps to itself in the corner. For the brave there are also pics of a wallaby and joey, birds and flowers…

As we do, the G.O. and I escaped Sydney, early this year on a full moon lit Wednesday night and headed to our house in the rural village of Taylors Arm for an Easter break. We knew from experience there’d be cleaning and gardening courtesy of the earlier few months of hot rainy summer. After we attended to business we relaxed and enjoyed a few days of fine Autumn weather.

On Easter Sunday rather than going to church, I listened to the singing from the congregation waft down the hill as I pottered in the garden and wandered around with a camera. The G.O. went off on his motor bike into town and had a cup of tea with his mum while she had a good yarn. Later I relaxed in my usual manner on the verandah futon reading Vohktah by A.C. Flory of Meeka’s Mind on my phone, and hoped to read Dianne Gray’s The Everything Theory but there’s never enough time so I now have a date with it and the futon on our ANZAC long weekend.

Even though the laptop stayed in the city because I couldn’t be bothered dealing with dodgy internet coverage – the aerial connected to new phones finally gives us mobile coverage and 3G data – the WordPress blogging community so much inspires me to know one day I will be able to embrace the “retreat” lifestyle permanently, and invisibly accompanies me… in my: kitchen; garden; weather; insects; wildlife; nature; ideas, food; thoughts; wordsgoals and walks .

Easter is my favourite time of year… and as well as 5 tiny Lindt bunnies for the chocolate loving G.O., ok, 4 tiny bunnies if you count the one I ate, there was an abundance of non-chocolate Easter treats.

*Wildlife photo credits: the G.O.