the doctor

 I have the busy blahs diagnosis of dullness work-life disorder   My white coated friend  prescribes apply cat fur  thoroughly each day.

I have the busy blahs
diagnosis of dullness
work-life disorder.
This white coated friend
prescribes apply cat fur
thoroughly each day.


About EllaDee's

After a decade of living in tiny apartments in the inner-city of Sydney, Australia with my husband referred to in my posts as the Gorgeous One (G.O.) while I worked in corporate-legal and the G.O. in civil earthworks we relocated 500 kilometres north in December 2015 to our home in the Nambucca Valley to follow our dream of living simply and creatively. We travelled around Australia in 2016. Now we work on our 1930’s house, have a vegetable garden and a dog plus share a flock of backyard chickens with our neighbour. These days I’m a horticulture student, something I dreamed of doing for many years. From time to time I write about day-to-day life, past & present, people & places, and take snapshots with my smart phone. Copyright 2011-2017. All content of,, & is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of the owner who can be contacted via email dln011 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au.

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  1. Thought the white coated friend was doctoring the nasturtiums! But you know what they say about stroking pets being good for stress. Anybody’s pet. I can give you a virtual loan of a white coated puppy 😀

    • It does look like that but he’s just chilling 🙂 Thankfully there are plenty of cat fur practitioners to avail myself of, whichever route I walk home.
      If you can give Pippa & Snowy a virtual pat for me, I’m sure I will feel the benefit through the ethers.

    • The train timetables have changed and I now catch either/or trains, with different cats on each route. White Cat could just be my favourite. He has a ‘voice’ that could belong to a Muppet character, loves to walk along the street and chat 🙂

    • Ah, yes purrs… I visit a different practitioner for those, Dr. Snoop 😉 No matter what sort of day I’ve had, if I run into these furry neighbors it gets better.

  2. I think your ailment is shared by people the World over, EllaDee. Luckily, it won’t be that long before it vanishes for another year. Hang in there. Drink wine. 🙂

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